… close to paradise. Oberkirch has a fantastic location and lies nicely imbedded between orchards, vines and forest. The Rench valley has the biggest strawberry market of Germany, the highest number of schnapps distilleries in the world, namely 903 in Oberkirch alone. Furthermore almost 5 million litres of wine is harvested every year, every third chestnut which grows in Germany would theoretically have to be from Oberkirch. The wonderful blossoming season starts already in the end of March due to the mild climate and offers a large variety which is truly impressive. Oberkirch is always one of Germany’s top locations when it comes to the number of hours of sunshine. In Oberkirch the Black Forest doesn’t only smell like fir trees but also like fresh fruit. You can experience this wonderful nature during a walking tour or with Nordic Walking or of course with the bike or mountain bike.

Once you reach the crests of Oberkirch (from 192 m to 875 m above sea level) after a magnificent climb, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view as far as Strasbourg, the Vosges and also the Black Forest mountains like the Hornisgrinde or the Brandenkopf.


The little Black Forest town of Oberkirch with more than 20,000 inhabitants and a beautiful city centre also invites to a stroll and a shopping tour or a glass of delicious wine from Oberkirch in one of the wine taverns. You see – you are close to paradise here, the world ends directly behind Oberkirch and this last piece of paradise has been blessed with a lot of wonderful nature.


We will see you soon … in paradise.

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